Beethoven, Air Buddy, Lassie, and 101 Dalmatians have one thing in common. They feature cute and adorable dogs that warm our hearts, willing us to have one of our own. There’s no doubt that dogs make for great pets, but if you have kids at home, you need to think twice about the dog you want to bring home. A Rottweiler or a Siberian Husky may be perfect for you, but their behavior is often too wild and energetic for kids to handle.

Before you set out to select good dogs for kids, you need to remember that if you pick small dogs, your kids might end up hurting them and if the dogs are boisterous, they can end up hurting the kids. If you have babies, you cannot trust dogs around them either.

Certain breeds can make good dogs for kids, but not all individual dogs in a breed can be trusted around children. And, there is no one best dog for kids. Therefore it is important that you do your research on the best dog breeds for kids before making a purchase decision. Consider your lifestyle, the age of your kids and what care is needed for each dog before deciding on one.

The Best Dogs for Kids

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the popular and best dog breed for kids.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador or labs as they are called are one of the best dogs for kids and are, by far the most popular ones as well. They are well behaved dogs that train quite well and can pick up tricks even before you’ve taught them. With boundless energies, they can help sniff out things, find missing items and help people with special needs. Labs are highly loyal and devoted and have immense patience making them the best dog for families with kids.


Poodles are what you call puddle dogs. The standard ones love water and are good at hunting ducks and fowls that swim in rivers and lakes. If you like to stomp around in your backyard or in the park, a poodle is great company. They are also one of the best dogs for kids with allergies as they don’t shed a lot. Just remember to keep away from the miniature poodles which are high strung and high maintenance.

Golden Retriever

Just like the Labs, the Golden Retrievers are great fun to be around. They are intelligent, friendly, devoted and make good swimmers. They love to play fetch and are good at finding and rescue lost stuff. They are great guide dogs with a heart of gold.


Beagles are merry, playful dogs with boundless energy. They enjoy the company of children and love to play fetch or wrestle about on the bed. Beagles are the best small dogs for kids to own and make friends for life. They are highly companionable and love to be exercised frequently. Just keep in mind that they are pack animals who don’t like to be left alone.


Despite their mean, ugly look, bulldogs are lovable creatures. They are patient, courageous, and friendly and a medium sized pup is not too energetic to handle. They are one of the best dogs for kids because they are strong, can take anything that kids throw their way and form a quick bond with children. They can become quickly attached to the family members and refuse to leave outside without a companion.

Bichon Frisé

This French pup known for its cheerful nature loves water, fetching things and chasing stuff. If you love goofing around the outdoors with this fellow, you’ll be sure to have a happy time. They are very playful and affectionate and are very good with children.


Collies are one of the best dogs for kids. They are loyal and loving and enjoy spending  their time wrapped around a blanket in a copy spot in the house. They are a bit high maintenance but they tend to be very protective of kids. They are also easy to train and can be a great help around the house such as reminding you if you’ve left something behind when you’re hurrying off to work.

Harrier Hound

The Harrier Hound has a playful nature and a friendly temperament. They get along well with other dogs and enjoy a home filled with lively people. They are extremely tolerant and patient and make great companions for kids. They love exploring and trailing so you’ll need to make sure they are in a secure leash at all times.


Newfoundlands, also known as “Nature’s Nannies” are big, sweet, and docile dogs that simply love children. You’ll need a lot of open space if you plan on getting one because they drool and shed a lot. They love to hang around the family and watch over the kids, but they are big so if you have small kids, they might accidentally knock them over.

Boston Terrier

Though not the most handsome one in the list, the Boston Terrier is a gentle breed with a friendly, happy-go-lucky personality. They don’t require much grooming, can be easily trained and love to please their owner. They don’t get along with other pets or strangers as they are very protective of their owners. They don’t bark unless absolutely necessary, so are great to own if you live in apartments. They enjoy the company of people of all ages including children.

The next time you consider a pet for your kids, take into account the nature and personality of the dog and its upkeep before making a decision. You can find more information about dog breeds here.